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This sex machine is thoughtfully designed by Lovense to be easy to use, sturdy, adjustable, and powerful. The Lovense Sex Machine is easy to set up and full adjustable so you can get the perfect height and angle for optimal stimulation. Thanks to the dual ends, you can play solo or with a partner. Discover the incredible feeling of tandem orgasms as you and your partner experience simultaneous thrusts and orgasms. You’ll be the ones making all the noise as this machine is surprisingly quiet when it kicks into gear.
Either end can be set up to deliver powerful thrusts at a range of speeds. Use the included realistic silicone dildos (7 inch and 6 inch) or use the Vac-U-Lock adaptors to use any Vac-U-Lock dildos or accessories. Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities of play. Not only are the height and angle adjustable, but the stroke length can be customized too! Find the perfect push that gives you the most pleasurable penetration.
The super-powerful motor has the capability to deliver up to 300 strokes per minute, easily controlled with the wired controller or, because of its Bluetooth® connectivity, from the Lovense app. Use the app to create your own sensations with the touch of a finger or let someone else take control while you enjoy the ride.
Discover the power and pleasure of the Lovense Sex Machine. It won’t quit until you do.


• UNIQUE SEX MACHINE: This is the first sex machine in the world that can be reacted to tips on nearly all major cam sites. Designed for solo play, close-range and long-distance control. Control your sex machine via LOVENSE Remote APP, regardless of the distance between you and your partner. Enjoy the remote features to spice things up!
• SUPER-POWERFUL MOTOR & UNLIMITED VIBRATION: Included 2 Silicone Dildos and 2 Vac-U-Lock Adapters, it is compatible with all Vac-U-Lock dildos/accessories. The super-powerful motor offers a variable speed of up to 300 strokes per minute. It will definitely blow your mind! In Lovense Remote App, you can create unlimited vibration patterns, synchronize the sex machine with the sound around you, and experience music in a new way.
• ADJUSTABLE & DUAL THRUSTING DESIGN: Adjustable stroke length (up to 11.4 cm), angle, and height – Multiple possible positions to suit your different needs! The double-sided thrusting design allows two people to use the machine at the same time. Share unprecedentedly satisfying experiences with your friends or partners!
• DISCREET& QUIET: Simple assembly, stable, sturdy, and quiet. This is an immersive experience in your private space. Included discreet storage bag helps avoid embarrassment during traveling and ensures your privacy.
• ONE YEAR GUARANTEE: All Lovense products are 100% safe and have CE certification that complies with EU standards. We put customers' safety and privacy as a priority. All products do not contain any body-harm materials and are shipped in discreet packages. If you have any questions during use, please feel free to contact us by email/message.


Materials: Body-Safe Silicone/Metal/ABS Plastic
Weight: 12.5 kg
Speed: up to 300 Strokes per Minute
Motor Specs: 24 V, 5 A
Electrical Input: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Waterproof: Not Waterproof


• Please make sure the knobs are pushed down before starting the machine.
• Make sure to keep Lovense Sex Machine on a solid, stable, and flat surface before using.
• Make sure that the machine is firmly attached to the rods before turning it on.
• Unplug Lovense Sex Machine when not in use and during assembly.
• If you feel pain during use, immediately stop using it.
• Make sure you don't touch the motor during or shortly after using the machine.
• DO NOT try adjusting the thrusting depth when the machine is working.
• The machine and accessories are NOT waterproof. Don't use Lovense Sex Machine in wet places.


• Clean Lovense Sex Machine before and after each use.
• Control Box, Main Body, Power Supply, and the Power Plug can be only cleaned with a cloth.
• Clean the Dildo and all other parts with warm water and mild soap (or sex toy cleaner).
• Make sure the water doesn’t go inside the hole on the backside of the Dildo.
• Dry thoroughly before storing or turning on the machine.
• Make sure to oil the sliding rails and rod insertion holes every 2-3 months (or wherever you feel that the thrusting is not as smooth as before) with mechanical grease - any high-temperature wheel bearing grease is fine.


1. What is the stroke length? The stroke length is adjustable as per your needs (up to 11.4 cm/4.49inch).
2. Will Lovense Sex Machine work with extra-large dildos? Lovense Sex Machine is compatible with all Vac-U-Lock dildos/accessories.
3. Does this product ship/arrive in discreet packaging? Yes, it will be packed in a brown box, also there are no sensitive words. So you won't know what is actually on the side unless you open it.
4. User Manual says to oil the sliding rails and rod insertion holes every 2-3 months. What kind of oil do you recommend? Any high-temperature wheel-bearing grease is fine.
5. Can Lovense Sex Machine be used by two people at once? Thanks to the double-sided thrusting design, the machine can be used by two people at once.
6. How many dildos are included? 2 silicone dildos and 2 Vac-U-Lock adapters are included. In addition, Lovense Sex Machine is compatible with all Vac-U-Lock dildos/accessories.
7. What are the adjustable parts of the Lovense Sex Machine? Stroke length, angle, and height can be adjusted. In addition, you can choose to use the machine from one or both sides. You can also interchange between 2 silicone dildos that are included or use any other Vac-U-Lock dildo/attachment.
8. How heavy is Lovense Sex Machine? Lovense Sex Machine is 12.5 kg/27.56lb.
9. How fast can the machine thrust? Up to 300 strokes per minute.
10. Can the unit be carried on a plane? Lovense Sex Machine folds into an included storage bag that is approximately 54 cm x 42 cm x 19 cm. While it may be too big and too heavy to fit most airlines' cabin size/weight restrictions (please check your airline specifically), it will surely fit into your middle-size luggage.
11. How do I control Lovense Sex Machine? You can control the machine manually by using the Control Box or remotely by using our software.
12. What is the input voltage? You can use the device between 100-240 volts.


• Lovense Sex Machine
• 2 Silicone Dildos (7 in. and 6 in.)
• Storage Bag
• User Manual
• Quick Setup Guide
• Assembly Instructions
• Power Adapter
• Wired Controller