Kate Shelor Reviews the Liberator Esse


We are thrilled that the renowned pleasure coach and hypnotist Kate Shelor decided to do an unboxing and review on the Liberator Esse. Her video highlights everything from what the product looks like straight out of the box to the extra goodies inside to all the sex positions you can achieve.

We love how Kate takes the viewer step-by-step in the process. She and her partner do an excellent job showing all the position transitions. They also demonstrate how people with joint and backaches can expand their sexual horizons by applying just a few modifications.

Unpack & Play

As the video illustrates, the Liberator Esse comes vacuum-packed in a zippered bag with the cover nicely folded in another bag. Once the seal is opened, the product instantly expands. As Kate mentioned, the cover is completely machine-washable and is easy to maintain.

Sexy Positions

The Liberator Esse also comes with an illustrated position guide. Kate does a great job sharing all the different sexual positions. She starts off with the most basic positions and moves to the more advanced options. As you can see the Liberator Esse has a lower profile, which makes the Cowgirl position feel effortless because of her feet a flat on the floor. No more thigh burn!

More About Kate Shelor

Las Vegas resident, Kate Shelor is a pleasure coach and hypnotist who specializes in sexuality. She teaches how the subconscious rules the body and how it relates to fear, pleasure, shame, orgasms and more. For years, Kate struggled with orgasms and no matter how many things she tried, nothing worked. That is until she found hypnosis and finally learned how the subconscious rules the body. Now she’s on a mission to help people overcome sexual dysfunction, achieve orgasms, understand their emotional drivers, and of course, have amazing sex! This same brain/body connection drives human behavior and once you understand this, you can leverage it in the bedroom, the boardroom, and even the sales floor! Learn to make people say “oh yes!” in all aspects of your life.

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